Nottingham: Music and Community [2Tone Exclusive Interview]

In this episode Matthew Benton-Smith speaks to local rapper 2Tone about Nottingham, it’s thriving music community and what it means to the city along with much more: you DO NOT want to miss!

With talk about community, collaborations, beef and “drillins’ and spillins'” there is plenty to keep you entertained in this one-off conversation with a local legend who has featured heavily on GRMdaily and JDZ media, etc.

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Track list (Chronological order)

1. (LRG) Music Speaks 2. (2Tone Ft. Kamar) Pretty Little Thing 3. (2Tone) Night and Day 4. (Jah Digga Ft. Nartz & 2Tone) My G 5. (Joe Buhdha feat. Scorcher, Kamar, 2Tone & Klashnekoff) Man Enough 6. (2Tone Ft. Asari) Rise and Shine 7. (2Tone Ft. Aminah) Peace Of Mind.


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