Review: Trinity Square – Creepin


Written by Connor Brooks |@Connor_Brooks01 | Image by: Trinity Square

Trinity Square, named after a well known location in the city, are trying to get to the top of the game.

This is the second single from this Nottingham five piece while under the name Trinity Square. The song starts off with a brilliantly crafted hook sung by Bayleigh, which perfectly sets the tone of the song. The first verse by Lyshawn comes in hard with some good bars, but the highlight of the first part of the song is Troy’s intro. His melodic tone fits the beat perfectly, and he cleverly switches up his flow to deliver some heat before Bayleigh comes back in with the hook.

Next up Zia, jumps in with his verse – and what a verse it is! He switches his flow three times in a way which is nothing short of outstanding. When he says “I switch finesse get the check/ technically man I don’t want the neck” it keeps me on the edge of my seat. He then perfectly sets up Huey for the final verse. This verse took me a couple of listens to get my head round, but now I can’t get it out my head. The unusual beat creates an eerie feeling, perfect for a song called Creepin’. All in all it’s a brilliant song from Trinity Square on their GRMDaily debut. These boys are definitely ones to look out for in the future and I’m sure they have big things on the way in their attempt to put Nottingham on the map.


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