Review: Black Cats and Magpies – Better Days


Written by Connor Brooks Twitter @Connor_Brooks01 | Image by: BC&M

This indie band from Nottinghamshire show what they have to offer to the scene with this song, which I believe is their best one yet.

You might be forgiven for initially thinking that there’s not much going on here, but it’s a real slowburner. I initially thought the vocals were perhaps a bit too weak, but over time I realised that they fit the tone of the song perfectly.

The song really comes together half way through, when the singing and guitar suddenly drop out and the drum beat slowly speeds up before the guitars rejoin in a crescendo reminiscent of Viola Beech. The song is really well-crafted, with the soft verses and slower tempo leading up to soaring choruses. The style of playing is similar to Catfish and The Bottlemen, especially during instrumental passages. I hope this song will be a springboard for a band who really deserve to be better known within the indie scene.


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