Rapper’s Delight

The City of Nottingham has always held a prominent place in the urban music scene; since the opening of the Community Recording Studio in St. Anns, Nottingham’s place on the musical map has been solidified and back up on the rise. I sat down with Trevor Rose, and we spoke about the change in the rap scene and especially what Nottingham’s rap scene has to offer.

By Mik Webster-Iacovou: @Webster_Mik

Throughout the UK, hip hop and grime are two of the biggest genres in the Urban music scene. Since the opening of the Community Recording Studio in St. Anns, 27 years ago, it has been able to provide young people to express their creativities and freedoms in the art of music. “The inspiration was, we were young and we wanted to achieve something”. Trevor Rose, the man behind CRS is no stranger to the music scene, as he was apart of the group called ‘Pure Genius’ which consisted of Nottingham’s very own, Dj Fever. With Trevor’s experience, he is able to harness new talent from within the community. Music Website, ‘UK Music’ has described CRS as a “vibrant centre that has done lots of amazing work around music with young people. With the support and full collaboration with the ‘Royal Foundation’ and a partnership with ‘Full Effect’, CRS has been able to include musical talents into collaborative projects such as ‘Nott Romeo and Juliet’. Following the collaboration with the ‘Royal Foundation’ the foundation has been able to give the studio “an identity beyond their own”.

“CRS is a platform, mentoring, education and a recognition of people’s struggles”

CRS has made a positive impact on the community of St. Anns and also the city of Nottingham. It has also started the careers and also helped the careers of many artists, such as: ‘Young T and Bugsy’, Nina Smith, Karizma and many more. Due to Trevor’s work, he has inspired many young people in Nottingham who have opened studios to carry on finding new talent. Basement Studios is a prime example of following in the same footsteps as CRS. The studio teaches the young people to not only find their talent but also “giving youngsters professional access to professional equipment and key industry contacts”. That’s what CRS does and what it has done for the past 27 years CRS has been open. CRS is able to offer the youth a service in which provides “a platform, mentoring, education and a recognition of people’s struggles”.

As CRS powers through into its 27th year, their new aims and goals will revolutionise CRS entirely. “Things like fashion, sports, theatrical projects, films and more music… to say it’s now 2018 and we can do all that, it’s a great thing”. Over its 27 years, it has been proven, that due to hard work, integrity and determination, CRS has gone from strength to strength in order to help the youth of St Anns and the people of Nottingham, and beyond.


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