Nottingham: Our making of history

Nottingham’s future looks somewhat bleak, something we should be asking ourselves though… Are we living up to not just present expectations, but our past? Nottingham, the city we call home. It’s a city full of cultural vibrancy; nightlife; sport and a renowned history going as far back as that green-clad bow and arrow crusader. But […]

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Heels on wheels

Over 45 years after the last female F1 driver a new generation looks to make their mark on the sport but what is stopping them.


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The Locker Room Podcast- Episode 1

Josh Barnes and George Edwards introduce The Locker Room Podcast @george_journo / @J_b1309 / 27/5/2022 In episode 1 Josh Barnes and George Edwards introduce the world to The Locker Room podcast, as we kickstart by talking to head of the DP academy and a Manchester City academy coach Danny Purves. Danny explains how he was […]

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